Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Anze the Doxiepin First Obedience Class

Anze the doxiepin had his first obedience class tonight on 9/25/12.  Anze was the only doxiepin in his obedience class that he took at Petsmart. There were a lot of other little puppies which he was not used to.  Anze has never been around a lot of other puppies before.  He was a little nervous at first.  The other dogs were sniffing other dogs, a few barks here and there, hiding behind their owners, or being held by their owners.  Anze was so well behaved. 

It was hard for mommy not to pick Anze up everytime he got scared or wanted to be picked up.  It took a few minutes for him to warm up to other dogs and get a feel of his surroundings.  There were other puppies where their mommys and daddys held them majority of the time, but Anze's parents felt that would defeat the purpose of going to obedience school.  Anze doesn't really need the obedience as he is such a good puppy.  He really needs it for the socialization and interaction with other puppies. 

Anze got called by the trainer to be an example to the class.  He was a fast learner and liked getting rewarded for being smart and following instructions.  The trainer had fishy tasting snack treats.  Anze was ahead of the game.  When the trainer would tell the other dogs to "sit", he himself would go ahead and sit. 

Anze was doing very well with training and performing his commands with Mommy.  So then he started training with Daddy while Mommy took pictures.  He was doing so well, that after he gave daddy kisses.

This is a video clip of how well Anze and Daddy were doing in class.  Anze by far was one of the best students in obedience class. 

Anze was such a good student.  He is such a smart doxiepin.  Anze likes to learn and likes treats and likes obedience school.  I wonder where he gets it from.. (..maybe his Mommy..)

Then it was time to go home.. And Anze can't wait for class #2 next Tuesday! 

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