Tuesday, December 23, 2014

2nd Time Seeing Santa

Last year was Anze's 2nd time seeing Santa. It was a special time because not only was it Anze's 2nd time seeing Santa, but he got to see Santa with his sister Abby and it was Abby's 1st time seeing Santa. This Santa was the "real deal" for all the Santas out there. These two little dogs were so excited to see Santa. As this was Anze's 2nd time and Abby's 1st time seeing Santa, their Mommy decided to dress them up in matching scarves and bow ties.  Anze and Abby got their matching scarves and bow ties as holiday gifts from the "Min Pin Party" that they went to that weekend! It was a fun-filled weekend and Anze and Abby had so much fun.  Too bad Abby's black coat didn't turn out so well in the picture. You can barely see her face. But she is there.  This was the best holiday photo to send for their family Christmas cards. This little doxiepin dog and this little patterdale dog were so festive and have officially started a family tradition of the dogs seeing Santa.

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