Tuesday, December 23, 2014

3rd Time Seeing Santa

This year, 2014, it was Anze's 3rd time seeing Santa and Abby's 2nd time seeing Santa. Anze was so excited as this was his 3rd time seeing Santa and he was ready to take his holiday photo. He was so excited and yipping while he was waiting in line.  Abby and and Anze had matching outfits again, however this year their Mommy got Abby a dress and Anze had the matching shirt. This Santa wasn't the best looking Santa (like the one they had from the year before), but he made it work.  As this was Anze's 3rd time seeing Santa, he seemed a little distracted and felt that he was "too cool" to pose and look directly at the camera. He was being such a little stinker and refused to cooperate.  Abby on the other hand was being such a good little girl, but she has the same facial expression ("deer in the headlights") and doesn't react or pose for pictures.  You won't see any head tilts or cute smiles from Abby.  At any rate, the annual holiday Santa photo was complete!  Abby and Anze wish all their friends and followers a Happy Holidays and Happy New Year!! Cheers to 2015!!

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