Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Adopting A Doxiepin Puppy

One summer day a Mommy and Daddy were excited because they were adopting a doxiepin puppy.  The doxiepin puppy they were adopting was 9 weeks old when his parents adopted him.  A doxiepin dog is a mix between a dachshund (dotson) and a minature pinscher.  This little doxiepin was born sometime in April/May 2012.  His Daddy and Mommy adopted him in July 2012 from a rescue adoption shelter.  As his Daddy and Mommy didn't know his exact birthdate, they decided to celebrate his birthday on June 11th as that is the day the Los Angeles Kings won the Stanley Cup!!  

This doxiepin puppy is named Anze after the famous Los Angeles Kings hockey player Anze Kopitar. Anze's name used to be "Max" temporarily.. But once Anze's Mommy and Daddy met him, they knew the name "Max" did not suit this little doxiepin!  He was too special and perfect to be a "Max." Therefore, "Max" was changed to Anze!  

Anze is a fun loving cuddle bug.  He is such a sweet puppy.

Adoption Day!

Welcome Home Anze!

Proud new parents! 

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