Sunday, January 6, 2013

Doxiepin Loves His Christmas Tree

Anze the doxiepin loves his Christmas tree.  This was Anze's first Christmas tree and his parents weren't sure how this little doxiepin would react to the Christmas tree.  Anze was so excited that he got to go with his parents to the Christmas tree lot and pick out his very own Christmas tree.  He sniffed out all the Christmas trees until he found the perfect Christmas tree to bring home.

Anze was eager to get home to unwrap his Christmas tree and start to decorate it.  

 Anze is now a 7 month old doxiepin and is very well behaved.   He weighs about 13lbs and seems to have stopped gaining weight and growing in size.. He looks to tiny compared to standing next to the very big Christmas tree.

His Mommy and Daddy didn't even have to warn him about being good and playing nice with the tree while they figured out how to set up their first Christmas tree. 

Anze liked to sniff the fresh pine and watch patiently as his parents set the tree up.  

Little doxiepin waiting patiently to unwrap the Christmas tree.. 

Anze is looking at how all the beautiful lights were evenly placed on the Christmas tree.  He watched his parents go around and around, putting them perfectly on the tree. 

Now Anze's ready to start hanging the decorations on the tree.. 

Ta-Da!!!! Perfect-o! With a beautiful angel on the top! 

Anze's parents did not hang ornaments on the very bottom portion of the Christmas tree so that he wouldn't be tempted to take the ornaments off to play with them.  

Anze was such a good doxiepin! He never once peed on the Christmas tree or knocked the Christmas tree down.  Anze's Mommy had read reviews of other dogs being bad when having a Christmas tree in their home for the holidays.  Anze was such a good boy.  Sometimes Anze snuck a drink of water from the tree dish holder, but never did anything harmful or bad.  

Anze did so well with his first Chrismas tree!  He loved having the Christmas tree in the house. 

Anze can't wait for next year so he can go pick out his next Christmas tree! 

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