Sunday, January 6, 2013

Doxiepin Opening Christmas Presents

Here is Anze the doxiepin opening Christmas presents.  This little doxiepin started learning how to open Christmas presents at his Grandma Sue's house on Christmas Eve.  His Grandma Sue got him such great puppy Christmas presents.  Anze opened doggy treats and doggy toys.  He liked playing with the unwrapped wrapping paper more than opening his Christmas presents. This was Anze's first time ever opening Christmas presents. He was so distracted in strands of wrapping paper and ribbons and bows. 

Although this was the doxiepin's first time opening presents, he did pretty well.  He had to get help from his Daddy. 

On Christmas morning, Anze went to Grandma Nancy and Grandpa Bill's house where he got to open more presents.  Anze did a pretty good job opening his presents Christmas morning considering he had so much practice on Christmas Eve. 

Get it Anze... Get it!!

Excited to see what Santa got him.... 

Anze found the toy under the Christmas wrapping paper, but still needs to get the rest of the paper off the toy!

Almost there.... 

Anze's Daddy needed to help him keep the present sturdy so Anze could keep biting the wrapping paper off.. 

Yay! This little doxiepin has got it down!  
Good job Anze!!

Anze opened his Christmas gift and was so surprised to find he got a squirrel squeaky mat toy from Santa!  Anze's grandparents got him new water dish and food dish to keep at their house for when he comes over to visit, a new squeaky duck toy (since he ate through his old one) and doggy treats! 
Anze was so good at opening all of his Christmas presents. 

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