Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Anze's First Time Meeting Santa

This 2012 holiday season was Anze's first time meeting Santa.  Anze the doxiepin was such a good boy on his first time meeting Santa.  Anze waited in line to take a picture with Santa at Petsmart.  Anze wanted to look his best for his first time meeting Santa, so he wore his red holiday argyle scarf when he took his picture.  He looked like such a handsome doxiepin pup.

For Anze's first time meeting Santa, Anze seemed to be a little intimidated as Santa was big and wearing a furry red suit with a white curly beard.  He was nervous while standing in line waiting to take his picture with Santa.  However, once he got up on Santa's lap he was all smiles.  He was such a happy doxiepin!  He told Santa that he had been a very good boy and would make sure to leave extra milk and cookies out for him this year.

Anze had a great first time meeting Santa this holiday season.  This little doxiepin loves Santa!  He can't wait to see Santa again next year!

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