Monday, December 10, 2012

Doxiepin Family Love

Anze has doxiepin family love.  This little doxiepin has his Mommy and Daddy in his family that love him so much. Anze is a spoiled little dog, not only in clothes and toys, but in love and attention.  Anze is such a good boy and is so well behaved.  

Anze is super excited because he signed up for his 2nd course of puppy classes this weekend.  Some of his friends from his 1st classes are signed up for the 2nd ones.  He's looking forward to it and can't wait!  Cheers to the New Year! 

*Anze the doxiepin with his Mommy*
Anze loves his Mommy!
Anze's favorite thing is to be held by his Mommy. 

*Anze the doxiepin with his Daddy*
Anze loves his Daddy. 
Anze's favorite thing is to play and wrestle with Daddy. 

Too *CUTE* and so *TRUE*!

"I love my dog and my dog loves me."

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