Saturday, December 8, 2012

Dear Santa, I Can Explain..

Anze's Mommy got him a new pillow toy that says: "Dear Santa, I can explain...".  Anze loves his plush toy pillow as it's really soft and has rope coming out of each side.  There are two squeakers in two of the corners of the pillow.  This was Anze's first holiday toy for the Christmas season!

Anze looks like he's proud of his new pillow..
It really looks like he is smiling.. 

Anze is a good boy, although I'm sure he would love to talk to Santa directly to explain some of his puppy mistakes..

How Anze really feels about his new toy pillow.. {haha}
Anze's Mommy was teaching him how to find the squeaker in the corner.. 

This little doxiepin is so well behaved and is a natural when posing to have his picture taken! 

Anze is such a cute doxiepin.  
He loves his "Dear Santa, I can explain..." green pillow toy.

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