Monday, December 10, 2012

Waking Up To Anze

Anze's Mommy loves waking up to Anze.  Waking up to Anze is a great way for Anze's Mommy to start her day!  Anze is the cutest sleeping doxiepin and is such a precious boy when he is sleeping.  

This little doxiepin loves sleeping deep under the covers.

Anze loves sleeping close to his Mommy.  He likes stealing her body heat and keeping warm, especially during these cold winter nights. Anze tends to be a bed hog and likes to stretch out pushing him mom to the side of the bed, or even off of the bed. 


...that moment when you need to adjust your sleeping position but feel bad because your pet is asleep on you...

Sometimes Anze likes to roll over and sleep on his back.  When he sleeps on his back he likes to have all of his legs and paws in the air.  Sometimes he has dreams and makes soft barks and moves his paws (as if he were running)..  When Anze wakes up from his doggie dreams he like to make long stretches and big yawns. 

Sometimes Anze's Mommy worries because he buries himself so deep that she is afraid he may not be able to breathe.  She always tries to make sure Anze has enough air so she is sure Anze will be able to wake up in the morning. 

Likes to lay right in between Mommy's legs. He squished in between the crack surrounded by blanket.

Sometimes when Anze wants to feel like a "big boy" he will start off by napping at the foot of the bed.. However, in the middle of the night he gets lonely and wakes up and comes crawling back to cudde under the covers with his Mommy.

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