Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Doxiepin Play Time at the Dog Park

Anze had quality doxiepin play time at the dog park this weekend.  Anze loves doing to the park to play with all of his doggie friends.  It's his only time where he gets to run around in a big open gated field with all the other dogs.    

Anze is only allowed to go in the small dog section.  His Mommy does not want him to go into the big dog area in hear that he might get trampled over or bullied by the other bigger dogs.

This was Anze's 2nd play time at the dog park.  Anze was the only doxiepin dog at the dog park.   
The first time Anze went to the dog park, he was really scared to play with the other dogs.  He hid underneath the picnic table (that the women are sitting at).  But this time he was didn't even go near the picnic table. 

Anze's Mommy thinks that his puppy obedience classes helped him become more social and not so afraid of other dogs.  Here he is going up to introduce himself to other dogs here at the dog park.

Anze is such a fast sprinter. He sprinted all the way to the other side of the dog park and then ran all the way back once he saw his Mommy waving to him.

Running little boy.. 

Wait! Stop to sniff the grass time.. 

More sniffing.. and doing dog stuff..

Oh there was a bigger dog in the small dog area.  Anze was such a brave little dog and went and introduced himself to the bigger dog.  He's such a friendly puppy.  

Anze coming to see his Mommy!! 

Anze needs a water break! 

Anze likes to be chased.. Anze says come and get me.. 

Anze is too fast for the other dog! Speed racer Anze! 

This little doxiepin is a social butterfly!  He loves to be around his friends and have play time at the dog park.

He even likes to give "friend" kisses to the girl dogs! So cute! 

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