Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Grandpuppy Comes to Visit

Anze's Grandma and Grandpa love it when their grandpuppy comes to visit.  When their grandpuppy comes to visit they make sure he has the best time so that he doesn't get home sick or start to miss his Mommy and Daddy.  This doxiepin is such a spoiled little dog when he goes to visit his Grandma and Grandpa. 

Anze loves spending time basking in the sun outdoors.  As Anze's grandparents love it when their grandpuppy comes and visits them, his Grandpa doggy-proofed the entire backyard so Anze would not be able to escape.  Anze can run around, dig holes, bask in the sun, and there is no way he can get out of the backyard.  He feels safe and secure in the backyard. 

He also likes to stay in the kitchen and watch his Grandma bake and cook.  He sits on his pillow like a good boy and keeps her company while she makes tasty foods and treats.  Anze loves it when his Grandma cooks and loves it when he comes to visit and all the good smells coming from the kitchen. 

Anze also likes to jump up and lay all over the big couch when he goes to visit his grandparents.  This grandpuppy is so spoiled and he gets to act like the "King of the Couch."  He especially loves to sit with his Grandpa and watch TV together and take little naps together on the couch. 

Anze is such a happy grandpuppy when he comes to visit his grandma and grandpa.  
By the time his parents come back to pick him up, he doesn't even realize they have been gone from all the distractions and fun he was having!! 

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