Sunday, December 22, 2013

Heather the Simi Valley Dog Trainer Who Can Make Your Pet Smart

Are you looking for Heather the Simi Valley dog trainer who can make your pet smart?  Heather is honestly the best dog trainer in Simi Valley who can make your pet smart and achieve good behavior.

Anze loves Heather!!!

Heather the Simi Valley dog trainer is now opening her new private dog training courses/classes!  It is a dream come true for all dogs to get the one-on-one personalized attention of the convenience and comfort in their own home.  Heather will be able to work on specific issues with dog(s) that they may be having on a daily and regulatory basis.  She will be able to examine and analyze the situation and provide feedback and solutions for you to work on.  Consistency is key!

If you are looking for Heather the Simi Valley dog trainer who can make your pet smart and train them to be well behaved, you can contact her at:

Facebook:  Heather Wynalda  

Anze was previously a student in Heather's puppy training course and her intermediate dog training course.  You can see his progress of some of his previous classes here: Puppy classes (scroll to the bottom) and his Graduation .  (*Our apologies, Anze's Mommy still hasn't posted pictures of his intermediate dog training classes with Heather.)

Anze and his family love Heather's unique style of effective dog training and techniques. She really has a gift and art in communicating with dogs and making them feel comfortable while training them on how to achieve a good behavior and lifestyle.  Anze's family believes she could make any pet smart and overcome his/her fears, bad behavior, social skills or any issues your dog may be having.  Heather has been training dogs pretty much all her life and has an over exceedingly satisfactory rating and excellent unbeatable success history.

Anze and Abby are current students of Heather's private dog training sessions so they can work on sharing and working together.  Abby mainly has to work on jealous issues, socializing (two dogs) together, jumping, acting wild and out of control, eating food way too fast, potty training and separation anxiety.  Therefore, Anze and Abby's parents wanted to make sure they had the BEST trainer and, so, they contacted Heather.  

After their first class, Abby is already more under control and has better behavior.  She is not nipping and biting Anze nor is she stealing his toys away from him and jumping over all over and in front of him for attention.  Although, her Mommy and Daddy aren't surprised... Heather's training is amazing! And is seriously so good that it gave Abby an attitude adjustment within the first day! (Now Mommy and Daddy have to keep up with consistency and effort to keep the discipline and good behavior going).  They can't wait for their next session with Heather! 

Anze and Abby would rate Heather the Simi Valley dog trainer at 5 barks approved!!  
She is the best dog trainer with a true passion and calling for training dogs.  
Anze and Abby and their Mommy and Daddy would highly recommend Heather! 

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