Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Halloween Festivities With Mommy and Daddy

Anze and Abby were happy to be involved in the Halloween festivities with Mommy and Daddy. Mommy and Daddy celebrated the Halloween festivities with Anze and Abby by giving them special pumpkin in their food, dressing up, baking, carving pumpkins and handing out candy to trick-or-treaters. This was Anze's 2nd Halloween and Abby's 1st Halloween!

Anze and Abby's Mommy knew that pumpkin was their favorite, so before they started to carve pumpkins, she gave them their special treat.  100% pure organic pumpkin. They scarfed it all up! Delicious!


Next, Anze's Daddy and Mommy started carving their pumpkins. Anze's Daddy cleaned out Mommy's pumpkin for her so she didn't have to reach in and grab all the slimy pumpkin seeds. Anze's Daddy knows how much his Mommy loves to celebrate all the holiday festivities, especially Halloween, and he loves making her happy and supporting and helping her with everything and anything.


Anze and Abby patiently waiting to see what type of pumpkins their Mommy and Daddy will be carving for Halloween.

 Abby's Mommy shows them the lid of the pumpkin and little Abby went and tried to eat it!

Anze's Mommy finished her pumpkin before his Daddy was finished with his.
Hello Kitty pumpkin! 

 Anze's Mommy let him and Abby smell her pumpkin and see how nice her pumpkin turned out!

Now everyone waited while Anze's Daddy was still finishing carving his pumpkin.  They were waiting until he finished so they could move onto the next Halloween festivity of watching scary movies and baking sweet treats!

Anze's Daddy finished and made it the Slinky Dog from Toy Story. 
A long wiener dog (dachshund), just like Abby and Anze!
This little doxiepin and doxador were so happy that their Daddy carved a pumpkin in honor of them!! 

Double doggy checking the pumpkins to make sure they are good to go outside! 

Anze and Abby posing with their Mommy and Daddy with their beautiful Halloween pumpkins.

Anze approves of his Mommy's Halloween outfit.   

Anze and Abby passing out candy to the trick or treaters.

 WOW!! King sized candy bars!! 
*BEST HOUSE on the block!!*

Finally time to bake the Halloween cupcakes! Yummy!!


Anze and Abby had a great time celebrating the Halloween festivities with their Mommy and Daddy. 

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