Sunday, April 14, 2013

Chase is a Dog Friendly Bank

Anze and his parents didn't know that Chase is a dog friendly bank.  They were so surprised when they found out that Chase bank is a dog friendly bank.  Chase bank is very friendly and accommodating when welcoming dogs into their bank.

Anze's Mommy had to do some banking at Chase bank so Anze waited outside Chase bank with his Daddy until his Mommy was done.  Then the plan was that Anze's Mommy was going to wait outside Chase bank with him while his Daddy went into the bank.  Anze's parents were not planning on going to Chase bank with Anze at that moment, but they ended up there as it was convenient timing when they were out and about.

When Anze's Mommy entered the bank, the banker asked what she needed and she explained that she was doing her banking and then would reverse roles with Anze's Daddy when she was done so he could do his banking.  The banker told Anze's Mommy that Chase bank is a dog friendly bank and Anze could come into the bank.  Anze's Mommy was surprised and politely declined as she didn't want it to be any burden.  The banker insisted that Chase bank was welcome to dogs and dog friendly.  He informed her that they even had dog treats for the dogs. The banker insisted that Anze come inside and he even went outside to get Anze and his Daddy to bring them inside. Anze sat like a good boy on his Daddy's lap while they talked with the banker.

Anze had such a great experience at his first time at Chase bank.  Not only did Anze's parents like Chase bank to begin with, but they are especially loyal and satisfied customers knowing that Chase is a dog friendly bank.  Thank you Chase bank for welcoming Anze the little doxiepin dog with open arms and giving him yummy treats.

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