Saturday, April 6, 2013

Doxiepin & Italian Greyhound Play Date

Anze had another Doxiepin and Italian Greyhound play date today.  Anze is a Doxiepin and his good friend Luigi is an Italian Greyhound.  They are both miniature as Anze is part miniature pinscher and Luigi is a miniature Italian Greyhound (or also referred to as an "Iggy").

Here is Anze riding in the back seat on the car ride to go to the dog park.  Luigi was in the front seat and Anze is always used to riding in the front seat.  However, Anze doesn't mind as he still got the breeze and wind coming in flapping through his ears and face.. He was a happy camper!  

Almost there! Perfect dog car ride.

So excited!! He loves going to the dog park.  Especially the one in Simi Valley. 

Here is Anze playing at the dog park.  He was looking around for Luigi and watching all the other dogs running around and playing with each other. 

This is a picture of this little Doxiepin exploring around and first sighting Luigi by the fence.  Anze went and ran over to Luigi so they could go explore by the fence together.  When Anze and Luigi were done playing and were leaving the Simi Valley dog park, they passed by 3 regular sized retired racing Italian Greyhounds.  They were so much bigger than Luigi! This was Luigi's first time seeing and meeting regular sized Italian Greyhounds. 

Here is the little Doxiepin and Italian Greyhound laying on the couch together after a nice day at the dog park. Anze is definitely not camera shy and loves to pose for pictures, while Luigi is not so much interested in posing for the camera. 

Anze and Luigi are BFF's and play together so well. They love spending time with each other, even if that means just hanging out and lounging on the couch. 

Then it was dinner time!  Anze shared his dog food with Luigi.  Anze eats his food very fast, while Luigi eats his food very slow. So there was no doubt who was going to finish their meal first. 

Here is Luigi looking to see how much food Anze has left.. 

Here is Anze checking Luigi's bowl to see how much food he has left.. Or maybe Anze was checking to see if there were going to be any left overs.. 

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