Tuesday, April 16, 2013

The Front Yard BEFORE and The Front Yard AFTER

This is an update of the front yard BEFORE and the front yard AFTER.  Although Anze had much more exploration in the front yard BEFORE, his parents love the look of the front yard AFTER.

The front yard before had overgrown weeds that were starting to grow over onto the patio.  The weeds were green and lush as they grew from the winter time and were starting to take over the front yard.  Anze would love to go in them and sniff around.

This little dog had such a fun time playing in the front yard weeds before Anze's Daddy took them out to plant flowers.  Anze's Mommy didn't like the weeds in the front yard and how the front yard looked before.

Look at the weeds in the front yard before! They almost cover Anze.  

Anze likes to try to hide in them. He likes to look for bugs and get into mischief. 

This is what the front yard of Anze's house looked like BEFORE. 

Anze's parents went to the store to so they could redo the front yard.  The front yard looked so good after it was all done.  

These were all the pretty flowers that Anze's parents picked out in the back seat of the car in transport on the way home. 

These are the flowers that were planted in the front yard after.   

Here is the pygmy palm tree that was planted in the corner in the front yard after.

Here are the beautiful flowers that were planted alongside the patio.  Anze's parents did such a nice job. 

The front yard looks much nicer after than what it looked like before. 

Anze's Mommy loved this flower. She thought it was so pretty and eye-catching.  
It looked so nice being planted in the front yard after. 

This was the final product of Anze's front yard AFTER.  It looked so clean and had beautiful flowers.
It might not be as fun in the front yard as Anze has no weeds to play in, it's appearance is much better!  

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