Saturday, April 6, 2013

Dog Sitting At The Table

Anze is a spoiled dog sitting at the table.  This little doxiepin dog is well behaved when he is sitting at the table with his Mommy and Daddy.  Anze normally gets to sit at the table when he is sitting on his Mommy or Daddy's lap.  Sometimes, Anze will switch back and forth from his Mommy's lap over to his Daddy's lap multiple times throughout a meal.

Anze is such a good boy when he is sitting at the table.  He has his doggy manners and will not go and eat food off the plate, nor does he beg for food.  He sits quietly and will even give his Mommy kisses.  Anze displays good table manners. 

When this little dog sits at the table, the bottom of his chin just barely reaches the top of the table.  

Anze likes sitting at the table and being a part of the Saturday morning breakfast action. 

This morning Anze's Daddy made breakfast bowls with scrambled eggs with veggies, pieces of steak and bacon and homemade guacamole on top.  It looked and tasted so good! 

Anze's Mommy gave him a chance to sit on the chair at the table all by himself as a big boy.  He was so proud and happy! Anze didn't even try to lick the bowl.

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