Friday, November 8, 2013

Bed Time For Anze

It's bed time for Anze.  Anze knows when its bed time because he starts to get really tired and sleepy. This little doxiepin hangs his head low and yips to let his Mommy and Daddy know that he is tired to go to bed. Anze is a smart doxiepin and communicates very well. His Mommy and Daddy will acknowledge that it is time for bed and he will race up the stairs and will jump up to bed and wait for them to come upstairs.

He will wait for them while they get ready for bed before going and snuggling under the covers.  Anze waits until both his parents are in bed to take a deep sigh under the covers and start snoring. Anze loves bed time.  He sometimes lays side ways and stretches out, taking up all the bed (and we are talking about a Cal-King sized bed) and pushing his parents off the edges of both sides. Anze sleeps in the middle of his parents. This little doxiepin has the best dog dreams ever!

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