Sunday, November 24, 2013

Dog Shaming Eating Grout Out Of The Tile Floor

This is Abby's dog shaming eating the grout out of the tile floor.  Who knew that dogs would eat grout out of the tile floor and it would be used as their dog shaming? Abby's Mommy and Daddy can't figure out how or why she is eating grout out of the tile floor, but she sure is.  Abby's Mommy noticed that certain areas around the house had tile missing out of the floor.  One day she caught Abby licking and biting the floor.  Abby's Mommy thought maybe there was something on the floor and snuck up on Abby and creeped up on her to see what she was doing.

Abby was caught red-handed! She caught Abby with a piece of grout in her mouth! Definitely a dog shaming moment! Abby's parents are concerned about her eating grout, because it can't be good for her. They don't know where she has picked up this bad habit. This little doxador is being so bad.  Her brother Anze the doxiepin has been watching her do this, and their parents hope that he doesn't start doing eating the grout as well.  There are more spots growing around the downstairs of their home with missing grout. If someone were to walk on a tile, there would be a creaking noise because Abby ate some of the grout making the tile loose.  

Abby's parents ordered the Grannick's Bitter Apple Spray to spray on the grout in hopes that Abby will stop eating the grout out of the tile floor. If anyone has any recommendations on how to stop and break her bad habits, please do share! 

 Bad girl Abby! This is Abby the doxador's 1st official dog shaming of eating the grout out of the tile floor.

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