Friday, November 22, 2013

Fall Time Gourmet Handmade Cookies

Anze and Abby got fall time gourmet handmade cookies for a sweet treat.  Their Mommy got them the gourmet handmade cookies to celebrate the fall time season.  She bought them from a local family-owned pet store which she loves to shop at.  These gourmet handmade cookies were in the shapes of dog bones and were made with all natural and organic ingredients.  Mommy gave Anze the one that was yellow and had a white paw print.  It was perfect for a little boy doxiepin dog.  Mommy gave Abby the one with multi-colored sprinkles, which was perfect for a little girl doxador dog.

Their Mommy surprised them when they took a break from decorating the house with the fall decorations. She put the cookies in their food bowls which Anze and Abby then removed and ate on their pillows.

Abby and Anze loved their fall time gourmet handmade cookies!

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