Monday, May 20, 2013

Anze the Doxiepin likes Louis Vuitton

Anze the doxiepin likes Louis Vuitton. Anze's Mommy got a new Louis Vuitton Eva clutch and this little doxiepin was curious to see it! Anze's Mommy was taking her new Louis Vuitton Eva clutch out of the packaging when Anze came by to investigate.  

Anze was sniffing around and was thinking if this could be one of his new toys. His Mommy was quick to let him know that this was definitely NOT a new toy for him to play with. 

She showed him that it was an accessory that you wear.  Anze's Mommy even let him try on her new Louis Vuitton Eva clutch. He's such a handsome sweet boy!  Although I don't think this little doxiepin is small enough to fit inside this clutch. 

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