Monday, May 13, 2013

Doxiepin Dog Loves Eating Apples As A Healthy Snack

Anze the doxiepin dog loves eating apples as a healthy snack.  This little doxiepin loves eating any type of apple and his Mommy approves as it is a very healthy snack option.  Anze never gets table scraps or human food, however, when it comes to snacks or treats his Mommy gives him healthy fruits and vegetables.  Who knew that doxiepin dogs loved to eat apples?!

Here is a picture of Anze eating a "mini" Fugi apple while his Mommy eats a regular Fugi apple as a healthy snack.

However, after he sees his Mommy eating a regular sized he doesn't seem to be so interested in his "mini" apple anymore.

So Anze's Mommy tries to trick him into thinking that she is eating his "mini" apple and he can go ahead and have her regular apple.  This is a special treat for Anze as he normally eats "mini" apples. 

Doxiepin dog and his Mommy sharing the regular Fugi apple!  They love eating Fuji apples.

Fugi apples are their favorite type of apple! 

Anze wants the regular sized Fugi apple all to himself. 

Here is a video of Anze the doxiepin eating an apple.  His Mommy loves hearing the crunching sounds of the apple as he eats it! He loves eating apples for a special treat and snack. 

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