Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Pocky the Doxiepin

Pocky the doxiepin is one Anze's online doxiepin friends.  Pocky is a doxiepin dog just like Anze.  Pocky is a female doxiepin who is 11 months old.  This little doxiepin was rescued on Thanksgiving Day!  Pocky was so thankful and feeling so blessed! She is a very active and playful doxiepin puppy.  She is well mannered and quiet.  Pocky has a hard time being alone in her house when her parents leave to go to work.  She loves them very much and misses them when they are away!  Pocky recently moved to a new home with her parents and she seems to be more settled.  Pocky is one pretty and happy doxiepin puppy!

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