Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Stubborn Doxiepin Dog Won't Pose For Pictures

This stubborn doxiepin dog won't pose for pictures.  Anze can be such a stubborn doxiepin sometimes when his Mommy is trying to take pictures of him. If Anze does not feel like looking or posing when getting his picture taken, then he won't.  Anze's Mommy thinks his stubbornness is too funny! A doxiepin's stubbornness comes from the dachshund ("doxie") genetic genes. And since Anze is half dachshund and half miniature pinscher, he definitely acquired the stubbornness behavior trait.  

Anze's Mommy loves her little doxiepin baby! He's such a sweet boy even if he is a stubborn dog. 

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