Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Doxiepin Dog Follows Daddy

Here is a pic of Anze the doxiepin dog following his Daddy.  Anze the doxiepin dog likes to follow his Daddy and copy what his Daddy does. This is the perfect black and white picture of them looking out the window at the golf course, watching the golfers pass by on Memorial Day weekend.  Anze's Mommy was so happy she had her camera handy for this perfect picture.  Anze likes to follow and copy his Daddy by standing up at the window and looking out.  Daddy lets him be a big boy and stand on his own two feet.  But when Anze looks out the window with his Mommy, his Mommy usually picks him up and holds him so he can see out towards the lake. 

Anze's Mommy loves this so much! She is thinking of getting this picture framed!

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