Monday, May 13, 2013

Samdog the Doxiepin

Samdog the doxiepin is one of Anze's online friends.  Samdog is a doxiepin dog just like Anze.  Samdog is a male doxiepin dog and he is two years old.  Samdog likes to eat chicken and most of his vegetables with the exclusion of carrots.  Samdog does not like carrots.  Samdog likes to go to the park and likes lying in the sun.  Samdog also likes taking Christmas trips to Tasmania.  Although, he hates flying on the plane to Tasmania. Samdog also hates skateboards. 

Here is a picture of Samdog.  This little doxiepin has ears that stand up!  He has a red tag on his collar and looks like such a good boy posing for the camera.  Anze would love to play with Samdog! They would have so much fun together because they like a lot of the same things!  

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